Team Pilot

Nick B 

Team Member ( Pilot )

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About Nick  :

    We would like to first start off by saying we are proud to have Nick as part of our team. 
To be a great team member we believe you must be compassionate about this hobby on and off
the field. We have been scouting for quite some time and finally approached Nick to ask him if he 
would consider becoming part of our team. Some members join for different reason others than 
what we believe a member should represent. Not only is Nick a great Pilot,  he spends countless 
hours helping others. Spending time sharing his experience and offering his expertise to countless
hobbyist in building kits, fine tuning, crash repairs, programming, and many others services.
Nick has never asked for anything in return, only that they will enjoy the hobby and help others 
as they progress. What a guy!
         Thank you Nick for all your contributions to this great hobby….